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Caring for your eyes does not have to be a chore. At Levin, we offer a comforting, caring environment and a range of services including: eye exams, screenings, eyeglasses & sunglasses, contact lenses, and surgical procedures. Our doctors enjoy what they do and always have your eyes’ best interest in mind. Contact us today to learn more.


We offer a number of treatment options including pain-free surgery with high success rates—resulting in better, clearer vision and improved quality of life.

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Optical Services

Our experienced team enjoys providing you with a number of quality services and products.

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Preventing and slowing the progression of glaucoma is possible with regular eye exams and experienced physicians.

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Macular Degeneration

Improve your quality of life and control your loss of vision with the latest treatments and therapies.

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Hard to detect but very treatable, keratoconus patients have a number of options that can improve their vision.

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We offer a treatment for a number of retinal diseases, including Age-Related Macular Degeneration, Diabetic Retinopathy, Retinal Tear/Detachment and many more.

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“Wonderful service, great prices. My husband and I will continue to come here for our eye care.”

– Shannon W

“Everyone in the office is friendly, educational, and accommodating. I am so glad, after moving to this area, to have chosen Levin Eyecare.”

– William D

“Great service and friendly staff! Highly recommend!”

– Hollie K

“I was very happy with my experience. The doctor explained everything in detail and I left with a lot of information and did not feel uneducated.”

– Katherine H

“Waited less than 10 minutes, received a thorough eye exam, and loved the choice of digital retina scan instead of dilation. Worth every penny!”

– Danielle H

“Everyone was very helpful. The visit was quick and I got excellent help picking out frames.”

– Tina N

“Great visit. Very welcoming and always willing to answer any questions I have.”

– Kevin M

“The staff here always makes me feel comfortable and important. Everyone's always very professional.”

– Lisa S

“It was a warm, quiet and professional environment. It was my first visit and I felt very comfortable.”

– Monica S

“From start to finish, everyone was professional and friendly. During the eye exam, the doctor provided a thorough exam and answered all of my questions.”

– Jennifer W

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Q.How can I pay for my eye exam, eyewear purchase or surgical procedures?
    Levin suggests the options below:
    • Insurance:
      • You can use your insurance to cover a portion of the exam, eyewear or surgical expense.
      • If your insurance includes a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or a Health Savings Account (HSA), you can cover the remaining balance using that.
    • Out Of Pocket
    • Interest-Free Financing:
      • Care Credit: This provides an option for payment of large out of pocket costs, like Panoptix lenses, procedures, and even eyewear and contact lens purchases.
      • Starting October 1 through December 31, 2019, first-time CareCredit cardholders can earn a $100 statement credit. To learn more about Care Credit and this promotion, please click here.
  • Q.What if I have cataracts and glaucoma?
    If you're suffering from Glaucoma and Cataracts and are preparing for cataract surgery the iStent inject® may be the right fit for you.  The iStent inject® can be inserted during cataract surgery to help successfully manage intraocular pressure.
  • Q.What is a trifocal lens?
    A trifocal lens is an intraocular lens (IOL) that provides near, intermediate, and distance vision for clear, complete focus. The PanOptix® Lens is the first and only trifocal lens for cataracts in the United States that delivers enhanced quality and a complete range of vision.
  • Q.I think I have cataracts but don’t know for sure. What can I do to find out?
    If you suspect you may have cataracts, you are probably right. Cataracts appear as a soft cloudiness in your vision. The best thing to do would be to see your optometrist for a thorough exam.
  • Q.Do you take insurance?
    Yes, we take almost all routine vision and medical insurance plans. Please contact us with questions about specific insurance plans.
  • Q.How often should I have an eye exam?
    The standard of care is a yearly exam. Not only are we making sure that patients are getting the best vision possible with their glasses and/or contacts, we do a comprehensive evaluation that checks for any and all eye disease.