3 Things To Keep in Mind Before You Buy a New Pair of Glasses

Dec 29, 2021

Eyeglasses in Baltimore, MD

Is it time for you to get new glasses? Maybe you’re tired of how yours look or feel on your face, or you broke your old pair, and you need to replace them.

Whatever your reason for needing new glasses, it’s a big decision. While choosing frames is part of the process, you need to consider other factors before buying new ones.

Keep reading to learn about three things to keep in mind before you buy a new pair of glasses!

Do You Need a New Prescription When You Get New Glasses?

You don’t necessarily need a new prescription if you’re getting new glasses. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t see your eye doctor beforehand.

Prior to getting new glasses is the perfect time to visit your eye doctor. You don’t want to get a new pair of glasses and then realize that your prescription doesn’t work for your eyes.

By seeing your eye doctor first, you can ensure that they are precisely what you need when you get a new pair. Often, your prescription can change without you realizing it.

It’s always a good idea to visit your eye doctor before you make any changes to your glasses or eyewear.

Determine Which Frames Fit Your Face

Next on the list before you get new glasses is learning more about the different frame shapes. Different frames fit different shaped faces in different ways.

There are five face shapes that you could have. Each works best with different types of glasses frames.

First, if you have an oval face, it’s compatible with any frame type. You can pick a pair of frames you like and not think about it any further!

Next is a rounder face with softer, less intense angles. Frames with a rectangular shape or squared corners complement this face shape well.

If you have a heart-shaped face, your face is wider at the top and gets narrower as it goes down. Wayfarer or rimless frames look great on heart faces.

Triangular faces tend to have thinner jaws. Using wider frames with broader tops will bring balance to your appearance.

If you have a square face, you have angular, symmetrical features with equal proportions. Rounder, softer frames balance your features, and thin rims are best.

Putting some thought into the best frames for you will help ensure you love your new glasses!

Know How to Take Care of Your New Glasses

Now that you have the perfect pair of glasses, you want to make sure to take care of them! Be sure to keep your new glasses clean and store them in a protective case when you aren’t using them.

To clean your lenses, you can use warm water and a drop of soap to remove oils and smudges. After you rinse the soap off, wipe them dry with a lint-free towel to prevent scratching.

Washing your hands before you handle your glasses will help keep them clean. And, maintaining clean glasses will help them last longer by reducing wear and tear.

Do you need a new pair of glasses? Schedule an appointment at Levin Eyecare in Perry Hall, MD, to get the right pair for you!


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