How Do I Get Contact Lenses?

Feb 3, 2023

Contact Lenses in Baltimore, MD

Glasses are an excellent tool for fixing refractive errors. However, they can completely change the way your face looks and alter your appearance. 

For some people, this might not be a big deal. Some might even like the way glasses look on them. 

Many more people, though, do not appreciate this change. Fortunately, there is a fast and easy fix to this problem for most people.

Contact lenses are able to correct your vision while being practically invisible. As their name implies, they are lenses that are placed in your eyes. 

They make contact with the cornea, changing where the light goes once it passes through the eye. Keep reading to learn how you can get contact lenses

How Do You Put Contacts In?

Putting contacts in for the first time can be intimidating. Everything in our brains tells us to keep our fingers out of our eyes, after all. 

With the proper technique, placing your contacts can be fast, easy, and painless. Before you begin, always wash your hands. 

Your hands are usually covered with germs, and you want to avoid introducing bacteria to your eyes. Avoid using soaps with added oils or fragrances, as the chemicals can attach to the contact lens.

After removing it from the case, rinse the lens with contact solution. Tap water is never going to be completely sterile, so never use it. 

Place the contact on the tip of your pointer finger of your dominant hand. Make sure it forms a little bowl in your finger, with the peak of the dome facing down. 

Look at a mirror, and hold your upper eyelid open with your other hand. Use the middle or ring finger of the hand with the contact to gently push the lower lid down. 

Look straight ahead or up at the ceiling while you place the lens in your eye. Slowly close your eyes and roll them around. 

This will get the contact to sit correctly. 

How Do I Get Contact Lenses?

The only way to get contact lenses is to visit your eye doctor at Levin Eyecare for an appointment. At this appointment, your eye doctor will perform a thorough exam to determine if contact lenses may be a good option for you.

Your eye doctor will help you find a prescription that works and guide you on how to use your contact lenses. You may have to try a few different brands until you find one that works best for you.

What Kind Of Contacts Should I Get?

You should talk with your eye doctor about the different contact lens options. There may be a few decisions you will have to make, like whether or not to use daily contacts or reusable monthly contacts. 

Every option has its own pros and cons, so be sure to discuss your choices thoroughly. Your eye doctor may want to see you back in the office to ensure that the fit is correct. 

Are you interested in getting contact lenses? Schedule an appointment at Levin Eyecare in Baltimore, MD, today!


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