Eyedentity in Bel Air is the Newest Addition to Levin Eyecare

Jul 25, 2017

For over a decade, Eyedentity has been the go-to optometry shop in Bel Air. Their commitment to their patients is reflected in the fact that their patients return year-after-year, and refer their friends and family, to grow the practice.

So, it was clear, when the founder of that successful practice decided to move from the region, she was determined to find a successor that would continue providing the same quality and commitment to patient care and neighborhood service that had become Eyedentity’s hallmark.

Quality, continuity and commitment to the community was the key. Levin Eyecare looked to be the natural fit with its stated mission to “…create the best patient experience that anyone has ever had through passion, compassion, innovation, and the never-ending pursuit of perfection.”

Levin Eyecare is a vertically integrated optometry-ophthalmology practice. Patients come in for a complete eye exam using the most up-to-date equipment. If they need referrals to other vision specialists, it’s all in the family: patients may be referred to the specialists in their ophthalmology practice. Their entire health and vision care records can be transferred directly to those doctors, who are then able to consult directly with the optometrist to maintain that personal connection with your neighborhood eye doctor.

This makes it better for patient to have complete access to vision subspecialties, including retina, glaucoma and cataracts.

And consistent with Eyedentity’s focus on community, Levin Eyecare maintains that personal touch between doctor and patient at the local level. Notes Richard Levin, CEO of Levin Eyecare, “Our commitment is to bring the best vision services to the neighborhoods we serve. You’re with the doctor for the entire exam, and that personal touch never goes away. So our mission is more than just a slogan, it’s integral to our practice. Levin Eyecare promises to give you the best eye patient experience you’ve ever had.”

Because of that commitment, Levin Eyecare has grown from one to 10 locations within a decade. It’s a comprehensive vision practice that maintains that personal touch. To learn more, visit our website.


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