Five Tips for Home Eye Health

Sep 6, 2019

Making healthy life choices is critical to preserve your eye health and avoid developing severe eye and vision conditions later in life. Here, the eye health professionals at Levin Eye Care detail five ways you can be proactive about your eye health.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking is linked to the development of cataracts, optic nerve damage and age-related macular degeneration. Both current and ex-smokers have a higher chance of developing age-related macular degeneration than those who do not smoke. In order to preserve your eyes, as well as your overall health, avoid or quit smoking.

Eat a Well-Rounded Diet

Diets rich in colorful, nutrient-dense foods are linked to healthier eyes and vision. For instance, leafy green vegetables including kale and spinach are rich in vitamins and minerals that boost eye health. Including more fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet, and reducing your consumption of sugary, processed foods can help preserve your vision. In addition, regular consumption of fatty fish such as salmon, herring, albacore tuna and sardines is known to boost eye health and vision as well. Studies have shown that nutrient-dense diets high in omega-3 fatty acids such as DHA and EPA, as well as vitamins C and E, zinc and lutein may prevent the development of macular degeneration.

Wear Sunglasses

Wearing sunglasses regularly is one of the most important ways you can preserve your eye health. Prolonged exposure to UV rays can increase your risk for developing cataracts and other common yet preventable eye conditions. By investing in a pair of UV-blocking sunglasses, you can protect against retinal damage, cancerous eye growths and even wrinkles around the eye. Next time you plan on being outside for an extended period of time, stay proactive about your eye health by wearing a pair of high-quality sunglasses.

Reduce Eye Strain

Eye strain, or eye fatigue, can occur from staring at a computer screen for too long. This can cause headaches, dry eye and potential eye problems later on. In order to avoid damaging your eyes, try to reduce the amount of screen time your eyes receive daily. If your job requires you to look at a screen for extended periods of time, consider giving your eyes regular breaks by looking away from the screen or using blue-light blocking glasses.

Take Care of Your Contact Lenses

If you wear contact lenses, ensure you are taking proper care of your lenses to avoid vision loss or other significant eye conditions such as corneal ulcers or floaters. You can keep your contacts, and therefore your eyes, in good condition by regularly cleaning, disinfecting, hydrating and changing your contacts as instructed by your doctor. It is also important to use proper cleaning solution for your contacts instead of using water, change your solution after every use and take out your contacts before you go to bed at night.

Contact the Eye Health Professionals at Levin Eye Care to Learn More

Making the choice to live healthier, eat better, sleep more, avoid smoking and exercise regularly can dramatically impact the health of your eyes, not to mention your overall health. For more information on how you can protect your eyes at home, or if you would like to schedule an appointment with an eye doctor, contact Levin Eye Care today.


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