How to Choose the Right Pair of Glasses For Your Face

Sep 6, 2019

While the primary purpose of wearing glasses is to improve your vision, there are different styles of frames that complement different face shapes, and we all want to look and feel good while sporting a new pair of glasses! Here, the opticians at Levin Eye Care detail what types of frames look best for each different face shape so you can choose the perfect frames for you.

What Types of Glasses Look Best For Each Face Shape?

While everyone has a face shape that is unique to them, most individuals have a face shape that can fall into one of five main categories: oval, heart, square, diamond and round:


Individuals with oval or oblong face shapes tend to have longer, narrower faces and higher cheekbones, which allow them to pull off a wide variety of glasses frames. Due to the even proportions of oval faces, individuals with oval faces typically have the broadest choices in terms of which frames look best on them. However, it is recommended to steer clear of really narrow frames that accentuate the oblong qualities of the face. Instead, consider a wider pair of frames that extend slightly past the widest part of the face. This will bring balance to the face and highlight your best features.


Heart-shaped faces are widest at the forehead level and narrower near the chin, typically with high, plump cheekbones. This gives the illusion of a heart shape. While most frames are typically flattering on an individual with a heart-shaped face, frames with thin rims tend to be the most flattering and help soften any severe facial features, and cat-eye frames help lift up the face and draw attention to the naturally high cheekbones of heart-shaped faces.


Individuals with square-shaped faces tend to have a wider jawline and forehead with angular, sharp features. Due to the wider features of square faces, avoid choosing severe, angular or boxy frames. Instead, individuals with square faces should consider choosing softer, rounder frames. Thin or light-colored frames also help accomplish the task of balancing out the features of square faces. In addition to soft and circular frames, cat-eye frames are flattering to square faces as they help lift up the eyes and accentuate the softer features of the face.


Diamond-shaped faces are rare and unique—they are defined by a narrow forehead and jawline, but wide and high-set cheekbones, giving the face a diamond-shaped look. In order to soften the severity of the cheekbones and add emphasis to the eyes, individuals with diamond-shaped faces should consider oval frames or thin frames that help bring balance to the face.


Just like square faces are complemented by round frames, round faces are complemented by square frames. To contrast from the round features of the face, consider a boxy or angular pair of glasses, which provides a flattering balance to the face. Narrower glasses that are wider than they are long help to lengthen the face and add emphasis to its best features.

Get Fitted With The Perfect Pair of Glasses For You at Levin Eye Care

While glasses are meant to help you see, we know how important it is to find a pair of glasses that perfectly complements your best features. While this article highlighted our best suggestions for each face type, remember that picking the perfect pair of glasses is an individual decision, and you have the freedom to choose whichever style glasses you feel fits your face, style and personality. To get fitted with your perfect pair of glasses out of a wide variety of options, contact Levin Eye Care today. We offer over 500 different pairs and styles of glasses to choose from!


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