The Optical Solution Is Now Part of Levin Eyecare

Jul 25, 2017

When Ron Surdin, O.D., founded The Optical Solution optometry practice, that served Baltimore and Carrol Counties for more than 35 years, he always incorporated a personal touch with his patients. Serving his patients in these communities over the years, he got to know them not just as patients, but as neighbors and friends. It helped him develop a people-centered business philosophy—serve your patients well, and they will take care of you.

In 2013, as Dr. Surdin was considering how best to continue serving customer needs, even as the business itself was changing and growing, the optimal solution would need to align with his personalized philosophy of patient care.

So, when Howard Levin approached him about joining Levin Eyecare, and told him about Levin’s Eyecare’s practice to provide personalized, full-service optical and ophthalmologic care, “just like your family doctor,” he knew he’d come home.

With the addition of Dr. Surdin’s three locations to the Levin Eyecare family, that idea of bringing total vision services under one name became a reality. Today, Dr. Surdin’s customers still know him as the family eye doctor. But they now have access to a full range of optical services that range from eye glass and contact fittings to macular and cataract treatments.

“Joining forces with Levin Eyecare was one of the best decisions I ever made,” noted Dr. Surdin. “My patients are still number one in my book—but now they are number one in the book of my ophthalmology colleagues, as well. And that means Levin Eyecare’s total vision services are available to a whole new community.”


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