What Contact Lenses Are Like If You’ve Never Worn Them Before

Feb 23, 2021

Eye Doctor in Parkville, MD
Eye Doctor in Parkville, MD

Have you been wondering for a while what it might feel like to wear contact lenses? Are you concerned that you won’t like how they feel in your eyes?

Keep reading to learn more about what it’s like to wear contact lenses if you’ve never worn them before!

Imagine No Longer Wearing Glasses and How Easy Activities are

Imagine not having to wear your eyeglasses. Many first-time contact lens wearers are delighted by this thought.

Being able to see clearly without having to put on or adjust your glasses often makes wearing contacts worth it. Consider yourself physically active?

It’s easier to play sports or get out and take a hike. Think of the time you’ll save not having to remember to grab your sports glasses as well as your regular glasses.

You can get your workout clothes on and head out the door. Whether you’re wearing glasses or contacts, you’ll still need sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun!

Are Contact Lenses Comfortable?

Yes, contact lenses are quite comfortable! Before you can wear them, your eye doctor will determine your eye structure and needs. They will then prescribe contacts that are suitable for your eyes.

If this makes you nervous, they’ll also show you the ins and outs of wearing them and putting them in, and taking them out. Once you get used to wearing them, you’ll forget that you even have them in!

You may need special contacts if you suffer from dry eyes or if your contacts irritate your eyes. It’s not uncommon to switch to another type or try different ones until you find the perfect contacts for your eyes.

What If I Don’t Wear Them Correctly?

It’s not uncommon to put them in the wrong way when you first start wearing contacts. But, it is easy to fix if this happens to you.

You’ll realize right away that the lens is not in the right way because your vision will be blurry. Your eye will also feel a little off.

Simply remove the contact lens with clean hands, turn it around the other way, and put it back in your eye.

Will my contacts fall out if I rub my eye or blink? This is also a common concern among first-time contact lens users. A properly fitted lens will not fall out of your eye.

Another common concern of first-time users is that the contact might get lost in their eyes. This isn’t possible because of how your eye is both formed and how the contact sits on your eye.

What If I Forget To Take Them Out?

If you’re concerned about forgetting to remove them before going to bed, there are options for this. You can discuss options with your eye doctor about contacts that are meant to be slept in.

Not removing your contacts daily and cleaning them can cause eye damage over time. It will also decrease the lifetime of your contacts. Always remove your contacts before going to bed at night.

How Do I Care For My Contact Lenses?

Long-term contact lenses can last several weeks or months if you take care of them properly. Always follow the directions from your doctor for wearing and caring for your lenses.

Make sure to get new ones once they need replacing. Remove them before going to bed and clean and disinfect them in a contact lens solution. Always store them in the solution when not wearing them.

You can also get dailies, which are contact lenses intended to only be used once. These won’t work for you if you think you might forget to remove them before falling asleep. But these can be a good option for you if you don’t want to have to remember to clean and replace your contacts.

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