What Can I Do About Foggy Glasses?

Jul 12, 2021

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Even though Covid-19 seems to be loosening its grip on the world, masks are still advisable or required in some places. While they keep us safe and healthy, masks make life more difficult, especially if you have glasses.

Masks cause fogging and condensation on the lenses that you rely on to see. Keep reading to learn how you can prevent foggy glasses, even while you’re wearing a mask.

Foggy Glasses Defeat the Purpose of Wearing Glasses

If you have an eye prescription wearing glasses is essential for you. Without them, seeing clearly can be difficult.

The last year and a half have made life with glasses a lot more complicated. As if it wasn’t tough enough already to have to deal with glasses constantly.

With the necessity of wearing a mask over your nose and mouth, glasses have found another way to make your life more difficult.

Or, rather, masks have created another way for glasses to be even more of a hassle than they already were. When you breathe while wearing a mask and glasses, you make it more difficult, if not impossible, for yourself to see.

But wearing a mask and glasses isn’t a choice. Doing both is a necessity.

Masks ensure you keep yourself and those around you safe. Glasses help you see, which is essential to your life.

Glasses are a Hassle With or Without Masks

Masks due to Covid-19 have become the ultimate source of fog on your glasses. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t other times when foggy glasses disrupt your life and make things harder for you.

Preventing this fogging is essential for your safety and enjoyment of life. There are plenty of situations, many around your house, that can cause fog to collect on your lenses.

It can be particularly dangerous to take something out of a hot oven or work over a hot stove with steamy lenses. If you do not have clear vision in these situations, things can go badly for you and become unsafe.

Outside the home, there are plenty of situations where fog can coat your lenses and be disruptive, too. Working out, running, or driving in fog are all situations where foggy lenses impede your vision.

Clear eyesight and clean lenses are vital for your safety. Mask or no mask, how can you maintain clear glasses?

How to De-Fog Your Glasses

It is possible to wear glasses and a mask and to have clear vision all at the same time. The easiest way to do this is with Essilor® Anti-Fog solutions.

Treating your lenses with Essilor® Anti-Fog solutions prevents fog from coating your lenses. And that includes moisture from breathing while wearing a mask, even if you wear one all day long.

The anti-fog solution gets applied to the inside of your lens. It blocks your breath from sticking to the glass.

That way, you can go about your day without your breath or moisture in the air collecting on your lenses. Essilor® Anti-Fog solutions help you maintain safety and clear vision.

Ready for clear vision without the threat of fog interfering with what you see? Schedule an appointment at Levin Eyecare in Bel Air, MD. Put an end to foggy lenses disrupting your life!


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